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Akamai Mobile Banking and Services

Mobile Banking & Services: Security Challenges Drive the Need for an Intelligent Platform

To stay competitive, financial services organizations must offer mobile access to their products and services, but security is an issue that still looms large for both the institutions and their end customers.

Going forward, financial services organizations will need to both bolster their mobile security postures to assuage customers’ concerns, while enhancing their mobile offerings to satisfy customer demand. It will require building their mobile strategies around an intelligent platform to safeguard data, stop the largest Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and other cyberattacks, prevent downtime, and have the intelligence to adapt to the evolving threat landscape — all without impacting performance for customers.

To get a pulse on the current state of mobile and security strategies, Gatepoint Research surveyed 130 selected financial industry executives between July and November 2016.

More Cloud = More Need for Security

200 Senior IT Executives Participated in a Survey about Security Trends in High Tech Pulse Report sponsored by Gatepoint Research.

Learn what they have to say and what they plan to do about it.

Continuous Delivery Trends in Financial Services

Every company is becoming a software company, and it’s definitely true in Financial Services.

These firms are leading the way in digital transformation, adopting continuous delivery processes and exploring solutions, including many open-source tools, to help them get the job done. However, given that almost half of the respondents are still deploying a small number of apps per month and have not yet adopted an ARA solution, are they achieving their desired outcomes?

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Conquer Your Content

Conquer Your Content: The Future of Content Marketing

A Study of the 2016 Trends & Challenges Content Marketers Face

Content is still king.

This is according to a survey of over 100 marketing executives who indicated that there is a higher emphasis being placed on content initiatives now more than ever. The survey, presented in partnership by Gatepoint Research and Seismic, revealed that corporate initiatives are being centered around realizing the value of remarkable content and consistent branding across all client facing collateral.

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Unisys Cloud Survey

The Race to the Cloud is On

Based upon a Unisys and Microsoft survey, here’s what 200+ IT executives have to say about the future of hybrid cloud computing.

See the video here.

BIG DATA: Big data is a top-of-the-agenda issue for business leaders

The journey from data noise to valuable insight is complex, but aggregated Gatepoint Research findings from this past year can inform marketers as to how to help their buyers better navigate this challenging path.

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Rapidly changing market dynamics are disrupting established industries and threatening long-standing companies, putting pressure on business and IT leaders to keep pace. This ‘adapt or die’ environment is hampered by legacy IT infrastructures and home grown solutions that can’t keep up with changing business demands spurred by forces such as mobile, social, advanced analytics, and dynamic global supply chains.
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Why Building Your Own Solution Is Coming to an End

Oracle: Building Your Own Solution
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IT Driving Business Transformation
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IT Security Trends for 2015:

Gaining insight into the demand and the difficulties.

Buyers of IT security solutions are wrestling with a complex tradeoff between data security, customer expectations, and business innovation.

Profitable Growth Arises from New eBills

Learn how today’s executives are capitalizing on this opportunity.