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Since 1996 Gatepoint Research, a subsidiary of SimplyDIRECT, has used opt-in, invitation-only surveys to collect industry research from executives in leading technology companies. The clients who sponsor such research use the information to gain insight into user needs, analyze IT and business trends, forecast innovation direction and generally support critical decision-making. See a sample of our sponsor companies.

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Invitation only surveys

We use invitation only surveys to limit our responses to respondents who are highly knowledgeable about trends in their industry. Learn more about our surveys.

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Each year, Gatepoint deploys over 500 surveys, engaging over 20,000 participating decision-makers. See participating people and companies.

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What makes us different?

Ultimately Gatepoint Research is a departure from standard industry methodology. Most research relies on huge sampling sizes to ensure statistical validity. To achieve such scope, many campaigns go for quantity over quality. Survey invitations are sent out to lists of names that may or may not be relevant to the subject matter. Often, too, the names of the responders are not connected to the individual’s results.

Gatepoint has always stressed the quality of the responder, and used smaller sampling sizes. For the purposes of understanding general trends and opinions, such results have proven extremely satisfactory. While the number of responders may only be in the hundreds, 100% of them come from specific industry segments (or even specific accounts) and from specific, management-level executives with functionally relevant roles or decision-making ability. See a sample of our Pulse Reports.