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Technology Trends in Customer Support Centers

Technology Trends in Customer Support Centers

A successful customer support center center can be a key player in a company’s strategic advantage over the competition. High customer satisfaction scores can translate into brand loyalty and market domination. Yet consumer expectations are high. How are companies building high quality, effective customer support centers? Review our feedback to get details!

Challenges in PLM for Enterprise Organizations

Between September 2015 and January 2016, Gatepoint Research invited selected executives to participate in a survey themed Challenges in PLM for Enterprise Organizations

Management levels represented are predominantly manufacturing sector senior decision makers: 10% hold the title CxO, 15% are VPs, and 75% are Directors

A wide range of industry sectors are represented in the survey including Automotive, Industrial, Electronics, Consumer Goods, and Biotechnology

Asset Management Strategies for Oil & Gas Businesses

Gatepoint Research invited selected oil and gas executives to participate in a survey themed Asset Management Strategies for Oil & Gas Businesses.

Management levels represented were predominantly senior decision makers:
50% held the title CxO or VP, 41% were Directors, and 7% were Managers.

68% of survey responders already use a third-party software solution for equipment asset management (EAM).

CA Client Automation Usage Practices

Gatepoint Research invited selected technology experts to participate in a survey themed CA Client Automation Usage Practices.

50% of responders use CA Client Automation internally to their own organization.

Of those who use CA Client Automation in their organization, 55% report that their satisfaction is better than average.

Enterprise software security

Enterprise Software Security Strategies

  • Application-related security breaches are a primary concern for surveyed IT and security executives.
  • Risk is exacerbatred through the deployment of externally developed software that can’t be controlled.
  • Despite these risks, outdated approaches to security persist.

Customer Engagement Strategies

  • 84% of executives credit enhancing customer relationships as the key to profitable growth.
  • In seeking to enhance customer relationships, 45% report that the biggest challenge among executives is grabbing the customers’ attention and 57% expect that it will get progressively harder to do so.
  • As the most frequent customer touch point, 50% of execs use their bill to grow customer relationships.

Call Center Strategies

Call Center Control Strategies

Gatepoint Research invited selected call/contact center and customer service executives from a wide range of industries to participate in a survey themed Call Center Cost Control Strategies.

  • 82% of responders operate inbound contact centers; 58% maintain in-house centers.
  • Responders are responsible for a large number of contact centers and agents: 36% operate more than 5 contact centers, 21% have 11 or more. 27% have a total of more than 500 agents in their contact centers.
  • While it is critically important to be able to recognize high-value customers, a third merely aspire to have that capability.

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