Gatepoint Research both drafts survey documents in collaboration with our clients, and custom-builds databases of targeted executives.  Surveys are typically about 8-10 questions in length.  We then deploy the survey, inviting executives to participate by clicking on a link embedded in an email to take the secure survey on-line.  Gatepoint can run surveys either blind – where the survey’s sponsor is not identified – or with the survey’s sponsor fully identified throughout the process.

Account Based Marketing Pulse Report

Pulse Reports

Once a survey has received adequate participation, we analyze the results and present them in the form of a PDF document, known as a Pulse Report.  Graphically intensive, the report shows how the target accounts, in aggregate, have answered the survey’s questions.  Each questions’ results are graphed in clear detail.

White Papers

Surveys yield valuable information about market trends and the moods of IT decision-makers which provide a strong foundation for a more in-depth analysis of the technology behind such opinions.  Gatepoint authors detailed reports that articulate the survey’s insights.


What to do with those amazing research results?  Many clients depend on Gatepoint’s research staff to appear on webinars, both to help explain how the research was gathered, and to help interpret the results and explain market trends.


Gatepoint produces brief, graphical snapshots of the most compelling insights learned from a survey.  Light-hearted in tone, these one-page reports succinctly show how the market answered 3 or 4 of the survey’s questions.